Reduce Your Utility Bill with a Concrete Home

Do you remember the last time you looked at your utility bill and joyously proclaimed, “Wow, I can’t believe how small our bill is this month!”? We don’t remember ever saying that either, which is why we decided to do something about it. We started a revolutionary business, JanVeek Concrete Homes, which can deliver a surprisingly energy-efficient home to cut building lifecycle CO2 emissions by approximately 30%.

Not only does JanVeek build eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes, it does so using an innovative building process called tilt-up construction which reduces your carbon footprint. All concrete walls are cast on-site and tilted up to form the strong walls of your new home. Tilt-up construction reduces waste and speeds up the entire timeline.

Now let’s look at four ways a tilt-up concrete home will save you money with the added value of 24/7 energy efficiency:

High Thermal Storage Capacity

Our concrete walls are thick and dense, allowing warm and cool air to be stored within its mass year-round. It absorbs, stockpiles and slowly releases energy as your home’s air temperature needs it. In winter, it retains heat to warm our bodies; in summer, it retains cool air we so desperately need. 

To give you an idea of how it works, consider how snow reacts differently depending on what material it hits. If it lands on a cement driveway, there’s a good chance that it will melt faster than if it were to sit on your wood deck. Wood cools quickly and doesn’t retain heat; the opposite is true for concrete.

Better Insulation

Due to the density of the concrete floors and tilt-up walls of a JanVeek concrete home, this concrete helps to keep chilly winter weather and sizzling summer heat waves outside of your home.

Less Air Leakage

Breezes are things of the past with a concrete home. One solid wall means fewer places for air to sneak into and out of your home due to cracks, insulation gaps and wood. Less need to adjust your thermostat results in serious cost savings. You’ll also have the added benefit of having your entire home with steady indoor temperatures.

Reduces Need for Large Heating/Cooling Systems

With higher thermal storage capacity, better insulation and less air leakage, you will only need a small electric heating system and separate cooling system, depending on where you live. These smaller units will reduce the amount of watts that your systems use – less than what you’re likely used to.

Added Monthly Benefit: Nature Will Thank You

A JanVeek concrete home reduces your energy footprint from the moment you move in. According to an article published by Canadian Science Publishing, “Energy use must be addressed to reduce emissions from the buildings sector, as nearly 70% of all Canada’s energy used in the residential sector comes from fossil sources.” This is the best chance you have when it comes to new home construction.

So, if you want to have lower monthly utility bills AND simultaneously help the environment, there’s no better choice than a tilt-up concrete home. 

JanVeek is proudly pioneering the field with concrete homes and positively impacting the future of homeowners of today, tomorrow and 200 years from now. If you’re interested in building a sustainable, energy efficient home that will reduce your bills and is built to last, contact us right now.