The Concrete Home: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Residential building methods vary widely depending on the property, owner, location and much more. Options are practically endless and include stick framing, modular homes, steel homes, insulated panel homes and concrete homes. With so many options, it’s wise for homeowners to evaluate each.

Since we’re JanVeek Concrete Homes, Ontario’s only tilt-up concrete home builder, we’ll help you out with advantages for concrete homes, specifically for tilt-up concrete construction – a method that saves homeowners money and accelerates move-in dates.

Let’s dig into why building – and living in – a concrete home is pretty great.

Concrete Homes Stand the Test of Time

  • Durability – Be proud and know that you’ve constructed a home that will likely last longer than your grandkids, and join others in being a part of sustainable communities.
  • Natural Disasters – JanVeek’s tilt-up concrete walls have a three-hour wall fire rating and can withstand raging winds.
  • Energy Efficient – Solid walls, fewer air leaks and thermal mass (to hold in temperatures longer).
  • Construction Timelines – An entire tilt-up concrete home can be constructed in as little as 3–4 months, cutting the gruelling construction timeline in less than half.
  • Quiet – Thick concrete ensures noises don’t travel through the whole house as much as other residential building methods.

Concrete Homes Make Life Easier

  • Constructed Faster Than Ever – You won’t need to wait 18 months for your home to be constructed; created the concrete panels takes a couple of weeks and your entire home’s walls can be ‘tilted’ up in as little as one day.
  • Maintenance – Your chances of seeing a termite are pretty slim and you’ll rarely need to fix peeling paint.
  • A Preplanned Design – Your concrete home can be completely customized prior to construction, so there are no surprises or added stress during the building stage.
  • The Walls are Your Canvases – Drill a hole anywhere you want. Your large picture or big-screen television will be held with ease since you’ll never have to find a wall stud ever again.

Concrete Homes: Long-Lasting with Ease

So there you have it: concrete homes have a long list of advantages and end up being a stress-free choice.

If you’re intrigued and would like to learn more about the benefits of concrete homes, please continue exploring our website, then contact JanVeek Concrete Homes about how we can make a rock-solid plan for your dream home this year.