Tilt-up results in homes that are more affordable, more sustainable, and built in less time

Tilt-up construction has been a reliable building method for over 100 years. It was first developed in 1905 and, for the past century, it has become popular for a wide variety of projects ranging from schools and offices to industrial warehouses. However, some of the earliest tilt-up buildings on record were residential homes like the Schindler House, a tilt-up concrete home built in West Hollywood, California in 1922. The benefits of tilt-up construction are just as strong for residential properties – this is why JanVeek Concrete Homes uses tilt-up construction.

Get your home move-in ready in as little as 3 months

Tilt-up construction is much faster than the processes used for ICF, steel frame, and wood frame homes. Tilt-up concrete homes come together fast and easy like 3D puzzles. First, the wall panels are built flat on the ground. Each panel is a three-layer sandwich (concrete-insulation-concrete). Next, a crane pulls the panels together. Then, custom finishes are added to complete the homebuyer’s vision. The entire process, from design to construction, takes approximately 3-4 months. On the other hand, ICF, wood, and steel homes can take 6-12 months.

Spend less on construction

Tilt-up’s streamlined process results in significant cost savings. First, building with concrete presents a major advantage. It’s produced locally in Ontario, so its price isn’t affected by market trends or tariffs.

With tilt-up construction, the project schedule is shorter, and fewer materials and labour hours are required. Where wood and steel frame homes require a lot of hand assembly on-site, our tilt-up concrete panels are constructed off-site at our facility in Woodstock. Once they’re delivered to the site, It only takes a couple of weeks to construct the panels, and assembly can happen in just one day.

Additionally, electrical and plumbing are embedded in the panels, so we don’t need to bring in special trades once the home is assembled. ICF, steel, and wood homes require special trades for several parts of the process, including electrical, plumbing, insulation, drywalling, and wall finishes.

Energy-efficient and sustainable

Tilt-up concrete homes are great for the environment. Upfront, tilt-up construction produces about 10% more CO2 than wood frame homes. However, over time, concrete homes reduce energy use and costs by an estimated 30%. Thermal mass plays an important role here. Unlike other materials, concrete has an unparalleled ability to absorb, store and release heat. So, a concrete home will often maintain its internal temperature on its own, without excessive heating and cooling. Additionally, our sandwich panels ensure the home is fully insulated. Tilt-up construction also prevents air leaks, which can impact energy use.

Backed by 15+ years of award-winning experience

JanVeek Concrete Homes is a subsidiary of Tilt Wall Ontario, a tilt-up construction subcontractor with more than 15 years of experience. Tilt Wall has worked on several notable projects, including the recent Muskoka Bay Resort expansion and the Toronto District Christian High School expansion. Tilt Wall also built Ontario’s first tilt-up residential home, the Overbeek residence, in 2017.

Tilt Wall has a strong reputation for designing and constructing buildings with lasting beauty and value. Over the years, the company has been recognized as a leading force in the construction industry. Tilt Wall received the TCA Annual Tilt-Up Achievement Award in 2017 for its work on Ottawa’s Broadview Public School, and won the Ontario Concrete Award for Specialty Concrete Products in 2015 for its own Ontario Office.

Backed by Tilt Wall’s expertise, JanVeek uses the same techniques and processes to deliver durable, modern homes that are visually stunning.


Tilt-up construction is perfect for residential homes because it can reduce construction time and costs, and it results in homes that are more sustainable than ICF, wood, and steel homes. Additionally, JanVeek’s concrete homes are built using Tilt Wall Ontario’s award-winning techniques.

To make your next home a concrete home, contact JanVeek Concrete Homes today.